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CLI-Command line tool

suchjs provides a command-line tool such-cli, which has two main purposes:
  1. 1. When using suchjs in node, it is used to initialize the configuration files supported in the node environment and the creation of data directory folders, etc.
  2. 2. Use the such command on the command line to create mock data

1. Only used to initialize suchjs project configuration
# Use yarn
yarn add -D such-cli
# Use npm
npm install --save-dev such-cli
# Use pnpm
pnpm add -D such-cli

After installation

# Initialize the project
npx such init
2. Use on the command line
# 1. Global installation, take yarn as an example
yarn global add such-cli
# After installation
## Write a mock string to a.txt file
such as :string > a.txt 
## print a mock object
such as '{"string{3}": ":string"}' 
## Serialize the print object string
such as '{"string{3}": ":string"}' --stringify 
# 2. local installation
yarn add -D such-cli
## local use
npx such :string
## Configure local extensions
npx such init

For detailed usage, you can see more details in the README of Github Such-cli repository